Where Can you work and whats in it for your Employer

One of the unique things about being a proffesional hairdresser or stylist is that you can work almost anywhere, at home or abroad. You can work in the big stylish salon or the village hairdresser, in hotels or cruise liners, department stores or hospitals, in a holiday resort or big cities. There are more than 30,000 salons in the UK alone. Hairdressing is a skill that is always useful. If you should decide at some time during your career to have a break from working, you have a skill that makes it easy to return. There are always jobs available for good stylists.

For any employer, you will be a smart, well-turned out, reliable and professionally trained person, an asset to any salon, and someone who will make life easier for everyone else on the team.

Hairdressing is a career that involves proffessionalism. It suits the lifestyle and future plans of many people and offers achieveable goals.

Sales and Reception 

With your Key Skills qualifications in Application Of Number and Communication Level 1 for The Apprenticeship and Level 2 for the Advanced Apprenticeship.

You will have skills in communication, handling money, making appointments and taking telephone calls, which can be used in sales and relevant occupations.

Colour or Perming Technician

These jobs are often offered through the Hairdressing Journal from various product companies i.e. Wella, L'oreal and Clynol.

The job entails selling products to salons and offering technical training days i.e. NVQ Level 3 perming and colouring to training academy's and colleges.

Salon Management/ Ownership

With you Hairdressing Level 3 qualifications you will have the knowledge and understanding to manage a salon i.e. deal with finances, resoureces, stock control etc and instruct and supervise staff. this could be working for a salon owner or buying or renting a salon yourself.

Hairdressing for Television

If you enjoy creating different hairstyles or recreating historical styles etc.............. These styles may enable you to work in the television or theatre. These types of job opportunities may be offered in various hairdressing publications.

Hairdressing Abroad or on a Cruise Liner

Various opportunities arise and are offered through the hairdressing journal to travel as a hairdresser. These jobs are often offered for a short period i.e. one or two years but can be a very exciting and challenging break in your career.

Assessor/ Teacher

You can become a qualified assessor by undertaking a training course through City and Guild. After this you could then go on to take a teachying qualification if you wished to get into teaching and training.

A hairdresser with Level III qualification or ten years experience would be qualified to apply various training opportunities in salon's training academy's and colleges.

Men in Hairdressing

Make a Fashion statement

Channel 4's hit show 'THE SALON' gave an 'insight' into how enjoyable and diverse a hairdressing career can be for young men. Hairdressingf is now a 'major part of the fashion industry' and more and more men are entering hairdressing as they become more fashion conscious. We offer male 'taster days' that are designed to help you make decisions. These days will enable you to practice the basic skills, become a part of the day to day salon team, ask questions and generally find out all you need to know about training in the hairdressing industry.

Our course co-ordinator Graham Daniels can answer any off your questions personally to help your introduction to hairdressing as smoothly as possible.  

Gents Barber

Job vacancies in the press or hairdressing journal sometimes only request competence as a gents barber. Assessments in both Apprenticship and Advanced Apprenticeships cover many areas of gents barbering. There is also a seperate unit you can achieve in gents hairdressing.

If you decided only to concentrate on gent's hairdressing your achievments would make you competent for this occupation.