City & Guild Advanced Apprenticeship Level 3

For Age 19 and Over 

Learners can join Positive Approach at any time once they have got a salon placement to work in.

This you can get yourself by writing to employers, calling in or contacting us at Positive Approach and we will arrange an interview for you.

You will have to work in the salon each week and attend The Academy one Day each fortnight.

During the off the job visit you wilol be given lessons to give you knowledge and understanding to take 'Gola online assessments and Tests'

Gola is online theory assessment tests from City and Guilds which enables learner’s to be tested anytime of their training day.

                               Want To know More About Gola?

Online assessment is a new way of completing tests and exams. Instead of filling out question papers you complete this on the computer with a tutor. It is a much more user friendly modern reliable way to pass test papers.

 The programme is safe and secure and reduces administration and paperwork. Gola eliminates cheating as the system randomly selects questions for each learner making it impossible for anyone to cheat, and then goes on to mark the paper printing of results within 30 minutes. 

The online assessment is better than paper based as you can find out whether you have passed the test straight away.

We at Positive Approach are the only training academy in Scunthorpe to be using this on-line testing Method.

Other colleges still only use the paper based method which is involves reams of writing of projects, questions and exams. Further writing is then required after staff have ploughed through the paper to mark then sometimes taking weeks and then learners have to re-write their answer again if incorrect.

The scoring criteria is 100% but if the learner scores 70% and over the incorrect questions can be oral questioned. Below 70% the test has to be completely redone. When the tests are being taken the learner can still review their answers and change them, all tests have a different amount of questions and are all timed individually.


I am sure you’ll agree that though costly to the academy this new method is the best way forward for training and assessment for all of us.


We at PAAH aim to always be at the cutting edge of practices and developments to bring these methods to you our customers as soon as possible.